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Friends Join Forces in Search of a Kidney Donor

What would you do if you found out your son, daughter or parent needed a kidney transplant to save their life?

You would probably contact everyone you know to mobilize and join forces. That’s where Gary Kleiman’s friends and family have found themselves. On a mission to save his precious life. As we are often reminded, not all heroes wear capes. They come in all forms, from the neighbor next door to a stranger on the street, anyone can be a hero and give the gift of life.


Hello friends! I’m asking for your help for a very dear friend of mine. His name is Gary Kleiman and he and his brother, Glenn, were two of my closest childhood friends. Gary’s house was that one house on the block that all the kids wanted to be at. His parents made it special for everyone. Many of us knew that Gary had type 1 diabetes but it never stopped him or us from doing all the things kids do, like having parties, playing basketball and going to football games. This was the norm until we found out Gary had to come home from Syracuse University due to his loss of vision and ongoing complications from diabetes.
Not surprisingly, Gary’s parents were relentless in their pursuit of making life better for him and the millions suffering from type 1 diabetes, like my own nephew. I’ve witnessed firsthand Gary’s strength and tenacity during the most challenging of times, but through it all he was always there for everyone.
Now he’s facing an even bigger challenge. He is in desperate need of a kidney transplant to save his life, which is why I am here to ask for your help, by giving the greatest gift there is – LIFE! Please consider helping this courageous and brave man, who still has SO much to give. I urge you to take a minute to learn more about Gary’s story and how you can make a meaningful impact in this world. Thank you! ~ Andy Garcia


” Linda and I have been involved with raising funds for diabetes research for 40 years, says Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. After we became neighbors and very good friends with the Kleiman’s through our mutual love of tennis, music and above all, family, we soon learned about Gary’s lifelong challenges with type 1 diabetes. That’s when our passion for helping those suffering from diabetes began. He and his family have been instrumental in raising awareness and critical funds in the pursuit of a cure. Gary has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was 6 years old. This disease has taken his vision and kidney function, and now he’s facing a kidney transplant, added Barry.”

” With his sense of humor and eternal optimism, we often forget that Gary is dealing with so much. We are hoping this message will resonate, and someone will step up and help save his life. We are in this fight with him until a donor is found.

For Gary and his family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping this brave and extraordinary man.”

Message from Edward James Olmos

Primetime Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Miami Vice and Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in Stand and Deliver

Message from Glenn Kleiman, Gary's Brother

As a kidney donor to Gary more than 20 years ago, Glenn explains how easy the process is to donate a kidney.

Message from Juliette Valle

Miss Miami 2022, National Ambassador for Donate Life America and National Kidney Foundation of Florida, and Founder of
Life is Awesome Pass it on

Message from Dr. Wendy Satin Rapaport

Message from Michelle Berman

Roy Firestone’s Up Close and Personal Interview with Gary Kleiman